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Re: Amateur radio module on commercial Geo Sat?

>Hmm, this is becoming an interesting thread, and some good arguments in
>favour of TDMA for amateur satellite work.  Perhaps we should come up with a
>list of pros and cons for FDMA, TDMA and CDMA.  Whatever transpires, we need

You can't do this outside the context of a given system. Access
methods like FDMA/TDMA/CDMA, modulation methods like BPSK/QPSK/etc and
coding methods like convolutional, Reed-Solomon, turbo, etc, are all
just tools in designing a system. What makes sense in one system
context may not make any sense at all in another.

For example, CDMA is clearly the way to go in a terrestrial mobile
radio system with multipath propagation, fading, strong co-channel
interference and the like. It also makes sense in a mobile satellite
system with multiple satellites, multiple overlapping beams and
omnidirectional user antennas. It makes much less sense in an isolated
non-fading gaussian channel, e.g., a point-to-point satellite link
with directional antennas.

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