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Re: TDMA - Reading the mail

Hey Jon,

The way I see it, the ground station would press the key on the mic and their
callsign would be digitally uplinked.  The satellite would then relay each call
sign to ALL stations and those calls would appear on the rig's display.  P51AAA
would run down the list as they come in, or any way he or she would like.


Jon Ogden wrote:

> And this is the biggest weakness, IMHO, of such a system.  If P51AA decides
> to go on the air on satellite, there will be a HUGE pileup.  In an analog
> system, the operator can generally pick out a callsign or two or parts of
> them from the mess.  However, in a digital system, we have a different
> problem.  If there are multiple signals of approximately equal strength (and
> in a satellite situation this is quite likely especially with a high number
> of users), then as you point out above, we have bit errors and potentially
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