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Re: Win Orbit and Doppler Tuning

Count me in!  Thanks.

I especially like WInOrbit and Announce on my
laptop.  Announce will call out the LAT/LON #'s
while you are looking for satellites in the dawn
or twilight.  Very nice.

Jeff Kely

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> Yes ... you do need a software black box between WinOrbit and your
> transceiver.
> I have developed a Doppler DDE controller that interfaces WinOrbit to my
> FT-847 that provides fully automatic RX/TX Doppler correction.  What I
> by automatic is that all you do turn the dial on the transceiver and the
> software handles the rest.  I am currently doing final tests and the
> software will be available to anyone that wants it when I'm happy with it
> ... should be in Jan/Feb 2001.
> Best regards,
> John (VE7JDB)

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