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Re: Updated AO-40 Keplerian elements from NORAD Data *EXPLAINED*

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From: Diggs, Steve <Diggs@daugherty.com>
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Sent: Wednesday, December 20, 2000 4:03 PM
Subject: RE: [amsat-bb] Updated AO-40 Keplerian elements from NORAD Data

> So I take it upon myself to email Mr. Ernandes and
> ask him: 1>Is this REALLY an English expression? 2>What does it mean?
> Being
> the good sport, I got a quick response. So, if you would, please
> substitute
> this sentence for the one previously mentioned: "Because we tracked the
> satellite from multiple points at different times (Kwajalein Isl. and
> Eglin
> AFB) we got a LOT more accurate Keps." (My interpretation of Ken's
> response)

Good interpretation -- I couldn't have said it better myself.  But then
again, that's why I have *you* keeping me honest on the language -- HI HI.
Seriously, it's good to have somebody double-checking what I've written and
putting out the appropriate clarifications.

> Was that so hard? Don't think so. Ken just needs a little help every now
> again. I will do my best to help Ken get his vocabulary down, at least, to
> a
> Rocket Scientist level so us mere mortals have a CHANCE to understand him.

Perhaps not difficult for you Steve, but some of us don't have the same
ability as you to separate ordinary language from the technical jargon.

> Offered in good fun.

And always accepted as such, with a serious mind toward using less obscure
language in the future.

73, Ken N2WWD

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