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Question about the 400N motor

No speculation on what happened to AO-40.  Just merely curious.

There's 3 tanks...Helium, Hydrazine, and Nitrogen Tetroxide.  The
helium tank is use to pressurize the MMH & N2O4 tanks.  The offending
sticky valve is the one between the helium and MMH/N204 tanks.

Are there valves between the MMH & N2O4 tanks and the motor reaction
chamber? And, assuming a catastrophic failure of all valves in the on
position, can you stop the burn by turning off the LIU..even though
(if memory serves me correct) the fuels are hypergolic and will ignite
on contact?   Granted, you still have a bit of thrust from the
pressure of the helium,MMH, and N204 being pushed out...but that would
be muchmuch less than a full power burn.

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