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Re: OSCAR-10 - Earth Model

I could have been a happy go lucky idiot computer scientist for the rest of
of my life.. but my son's interest in radio has repeaked mine..   I remember
being at
my dad's friend's house as a child and he unplugged his mike and let us
"tune the world"
and I am making an effort to not have school and college and business (I.E.
up.... ) interfere with my son's fascination with radio.

I am Sending this " a Private e-mail"  through the BBS to show you all that
the ones in charge are our finest, and care; and perhaps to rub noses in the
ground to you the doubting Thomas's....

I'm an AMSAT member for about 6 weeks!

I'm a licensed Ham operator... July 22 2000  Tech class...

The Elmer.... AA4MD... doctor...friend.... guide... AMSAT-WCF Director

My vision... I've built it!  a SATILLITE station... along with
a trailer to put it on!... A portable station that I or my buddies can
take to ANY school, outing or public emergency training site!
(well you have to admit you can poke across a few counties in
a disaster area with a x-20-element 2M Yagi and a x-40-element
70CM one...)  We are attempting to work every mode and band.
I have 2 schools interested, along with a inner-city group
leader.   It needs a couple of things like a permanent console.. but
the hard part was done with blood sweat and mostly my money (yea
I gave to p3d.. but I dumped allot into making a tool to teach it to
the children)... listening to who gave more, who's a lifer, who's got their
name scratched into the back covers... is POINTLESS.  You should
all be ashamed.... GO LISTEN to an ENTIRE SCHOOL get disappointed
by a QSL gone bad.... 700+ kids ready .. Very cold day... Waiting...
Redundancy.... ETC... Feel REAL sorrow....

I've been a lurker (someone who reads yet doesn't speak ), a reader
(all of AA4MD's books and past P3d and older AMSAT journals).
I've only posted a answer to a UNIX (related) question on this board and
one to a person fascinated with satellite design/control and how it works
and a Listener (who has worked the past JOTA and AMSAT
local hamfest booth's) to people who are genuinely interested in what some
people seem to take for granted or some kind of a god given right.

I feel ashamed.....

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Begin reply

James, I had no IDEA how involved you were with AO-40 and
I realize the professional (and personal)  time involved.  I was trying
to impress upon my son the meaning of "the Internet" , "involved person"
"access" and "communications".  I had NO idea from your web site as
to your involvement on the current AMSAT projects nor your past history
and involvement with the current AO-40 project ( just a lucky shot I guess)

I would have appreciated it, if you could have sent these hard copies.
(if you had time!)  but we've built a satisfactory model and appreciate
the information you've provided.

Please disregard your offer and again please pardon me for
interrupting you important work.

I realize you and all your compatriots are busy with your lives and
(AO-40) ...  I feel bad as I was preparing a gentle reminder to you
as my son watched, that you had promised the article reprint; but
I pointed out to my son that your answer was just fine and that you were
helping to steer the new bird along...

I feel ashamed in addressing you in this busy time,  and during
the equally busy time I had written you prior and your generous reply.

Take care , God bless and Good life
Rich Clark and Son Matt

"Take a walk in a world of imagination" -- Willie Wonka
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Sent: Wednesday, November 15, 2000 7:09 PM
Subject: Re: OSCAR-10 - Earth Model

> On 15 Nov Dick Clark wrote:
> > James,  I am helping my son (12) work his Science project about the
> > "Doppler Effect on Radio Communications" and saw on the AMSAT
> > Web an article you had done using "hardboard" and a School Globe
> > to create a "calculator" for the AO-10 Position.
>   Dear Dick,
>   The articles were written 16-17 years ago on a machine I no longer have.
>   I didn't keep electronic copies, I'm sorry to say!
>   The basic model is as per the attached diagram.  The globe should be
>   6" diameter.  Any bigger, and the whole thing is huge.
>   The words I still have in paper form.  Please give me a postal address,
>   I'll send you a photocopy.
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