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Digital Bird

Hi Gang,

      I am absolutely riveted by what is slowly emerging here in the 
discussion being lead by Phil Karn, but  I am afraid I find myself getting 
lost, as I have never studied any of the XXMA technologies.  I am probably 
not the only dummy on the list who is struggling to stay with this 
discussion, so I wonder if Phil and company would be kind enough to add a 
little flesh to the bones of theory.  Perhaps a scenario like this:

AO-Digital is at 15 degrees in my sky and rising, and an LED on my rig says 
comm is now possible through the bird.  How does it know that? Do I now 
pick a freq, or time slot, to call CQ on?  What interaction would there be 
between AO-Digital and my rig, and how would someone looking for a CQ to 
answer go about it, and what would happen between his rig and AO-Digital?

Anyone care to take a shot at this in broad terms??

73, Ken

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