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Re: AOAO-40 rem*lated -40

Doug Cole wrote: {edited}
>It would sure cut down the daily 1.5hrs of seperating of the small bits of
>from the truckload of chaff  :^P

You are a graduate of Evelen Wood speed reading? ;-)

I had 198 e-mail waiting for me last night.  Took 20 minutes just to
download from the server.  At 1 min/mail that is H = 195/60 hours.  3 hrs
and 15 min!  Well, it takes more than 1 minute, so I still have about 60 %
left to read {went to bed at 1:30 am}.  Just now downloaded 53 more messages.

At least this laptop moves faster, so maybe I caan wade thru them in my 30
min lunch hour {now there's an oxymoron}.  Now that the subject is in the
open might we be more brief?  Or consider if it even needs saying.  Or
reply directly, if not what is of interest to all.  I know I would
appreciate it as my sleep is suffering.  I can not deal with this volume
much more and also hold down a job!  So guess what my choice will be?

There maybe is a good idea out of this.  Are we at the point of making the
bb into separate special topic lists {i.e general chat, operating, tech
help, ...}  BTW I have had no mail from the field-ops list since launch???

Alaska Field-Ops  {one of 4}

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