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RE: Amateur radio module on commercial Geo Sat?

> Right. It was tempting to make a GPS receiver an integral part of such
> a station, perhaps as a timing reference for the TDMA uplink
> transmissions. My main reservation was the potential for interference
> from a co-located L-band uplink, as many commercial GPS receivers have
> poor front-end selectivity. A cavity filter on the GPS front end fixes
> the problem, but that's extra cost. Hence it would be best to rely on
> the GPS only working often enough to give you user position and time
> accurate enough to compute slant range within a few tens of km.

For ham use, this raises the interesting possibility of having APRS
capabilities built right into each ground station, so you can be sending and
receiving APRS data in the background (like on the tail end of every "nth
timeslot", while ragchewing with your mates overseas!  Who needs to swap
gridsquares and waste transponder time?  Just plug a laptop into the APRS
data port on your rig, or do a log dump when you get into the shack. ;-)

If you need GPS to make the system work, why not exploit that relationship?

The possibilities are endless...
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