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RE: Amateur radio module on commercial Geo Sat?

> Now it's certainly reasonable to want to make our spacecraft more
> accessible to newcomers with limited means. But that could be
> accomplished by taking the money that would otherwise be spent on a
> more expensive spacecraft and directly subsidizing the development or
> production of ground station hardware.

This might be a reasonable approach.  AMSAT certainly does need to take into
account the issue of spacecraft cost, and minimising spacecraft cost should
be a primary goal, provided it doesn't raise the groundstation requirements
beyond a certain level, which, to me is defined not so much by financial
constraints as physical ones (i.e. how much metal does one need in the sky
to run the thing?).  This is what is stopping me from working AO-10 today,
even though gearing up for that bird would be much cheaper for me than
running L/S on AO-40 (and, you guessed it, I have no HF antennas to speak of
- just a collection of mobile whips to throw on the car!), which I intend to
do - antenna restrictions are a sad part of modern life in the cities. :-(

Digital satellite systems could go a long way towards minimising this
limitation, another reason we should investigate digital.  Part of ham radio
is finding solutions to our own radio problems and limitations. :-)
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