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Old PACSAT Archives

I just thought I'd see if I'd get a rise stating that I'd "throw away" the
PACSAT archive data. I did! Not to worry. I will take one of the previous
suggestions and put it on a cd or 2. I think I can fit it all on one. The
data exists on some very old equipment and has to be transferred to
the new and then burned onto a cd. This will take some time, but will
let everyone know when it has been accomplished.

I could make it available here on my NT server, but since I am on ISDN
it could cause a bandwidth problem. It might be more appropriate to mail
a copy to KB5MU (Paul) to put on the Amsat site.

When I have the information transferred and on a cd, will let the list here
know and will go about making it available. As a refresher, the data
collected is for all the early PACSATs, LUSAT (LO-19), PACSAT (AO-19),
DOVE (DO-17), and WEBERSAT (WO-18). As previously mentioned,
there is also a little bit from AO-13 that can be compared with the recent
AO-40 and I'm sure there are a couple of others.

Actually, I'm glad to see the interest out there and knowing that my past
(and others) were worth while. I believe the infomation from this data could
be educational and helpful. I will also pass on the naming format that
was used for the files and why.

I have begun relocating the files to another system. Will keep this list
up-to-date as to the status of the files. I may go ahead and put them on
my FTP site and see how it works out.

Reid Bristor
Bristor Associates
URL:	www.bristor-assoc.com
Phone:	(321) 254-1265
FAX:	(321) 253-1162

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