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Re: AOAO-40 rem*lated -40

At 5:46 PM +0100 12/19/00, Jean-Louis.RAULT@tcc.thomson-csf.com wrote:
>Hi there
>Is there any way to put any  "filters" on our favorite e-mail providers,
>just to put:
>- any guesses, opinions, speculations, ideas, assumptions, etc, on one side,
>- real facts coming from authorized people or related information, on the
>other side
>that's in well separate directories ?

No, when providers do that, we call it censorship.  :-S

You can, however, set up filters on your own mail client program that will
do just what you describe, as long as you can come up with some kind of key
in either the header or the message text that reliably indicates one or the
other.  Hint: one good clue is to take a look at who sent the message ..

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