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Re: AOAO-40 rem*lated -40

I fully agree! 
It becomes hard work to sort out from the bunch of mail which arrives every 
day. I am amazed that people are still discussing geosync orbits what has 
been discussed long time ago and decidedt to be impossible because the need 
of three sateliites to cover the whole world as one of many reasons. Insofar 
I was upset to read that some people would be satisfied if the US only would 
be covered. Is that called "worldwide amateur radio fraternity"? See also 
what Tom, W3IWI has written about that.
Also riding on another satelitte as payload is utopic. Has anybody ever 
considered the costs? I remember that satellite guru Bob, N4HY once said: for 
such we need money, and we have no money! 
Even the matter of insurance has been deeply considered and decided negative 
because of the costs involved.
Launching a possible "light" copy of P3D is another question which cannot be 
decided here on the reflector, It seems that many people are not aware of the 
fact that we've got the launch practically free of charge which otherwise 
would cost several Mio $f or a satellelite of this weight, a multiple of the 
costs that we have paid for P3D. Look again above, what Bob has said about 
I would like to see this fruitless discussions and spectaculations stop and 
leave all considerations and actions to the AMSAT crew who has built the 
bird, who knows the bird's functions up to the latest detail and who it has 
now under control or trying to get control back. 

Reinhard, DJ1KM. AMSAT-DL
P.S. I hope that my pidgin English is understandable to the English speaking 

<< Hi there
  Is there any way to put any  "filters" on our favorite e-mail providers,
 just to put:
  - any guesses, opinions, speculations, ideas, assumptions, etc, on one side,
  - real facts coming from authorized people or related information, on the
 other side 
  that's in well separate directories ? 
  We  don't say speculations are less interesting that any facts.
  Just let's spend the time we need to,  on the appropriate directories.
  Jean-Louis F6AGR 
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