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RE: WISP and CAT control

Hi Reid!

I use wisp to control my ICOM rigs via a serial port, via output from wisp
to a ddl file and a hook into a visual basic program I wrote a few years
ago.  No need for a KC Tracker Card for radio or rotor control.

I am anything but a rocket scientist, and not even a computer guy, so its
not hard to do.  I would think you could the same thing easily with a
Kenwood.  As I recall, and its been a few years since I did it, the hardest
part was getting the ICOM control language bits correct.  I hope for your
sake Kenwood did a better job in this regard.

The code I used that I think you'd be interested in is:

Private Sub Command12_Click()
    Text1.Text = frequency
       Row = 0
    Text6.LinkMode = 0
       Auto = False
End Sub

Private Sub Command11_Click()
Auto = True
curr = Now

diff = DateDiff("s", curr, Now)


If diff < 0.5 Then GoTo Beginext

Row = Row + 1   ' Increment Row.
    If Row = 1 Then ' First time only.
    curr = Now

    Text6.LinkMode = 0
        ' Set the application name and topic name.
        Text6.LinkTopic = "GSC|Tracking"
        Text6.LinkItem = "General" ' Set LinkItem.
        Text6.LinkMode = 1  ' Set LinkMode to Automatic.

          Text6.LinkItem = "General" ' Set LinkItem.
          curr = Now
          End If
        Constring = InStr(Text6.Text, "DN") + 2
        Freqstr = Mid(Text6.Text, Constring)
        frequency = Val(Freqstr)
        If Auto = False Then GoTo holdit
           GoTo Beginext
        End Sub

The whole program has been working here for about 3 years.  Hope that helps.


Roger Rehr
W3SZ ex AA3QK, WA3JYM  FN20ah
2 Merrymount Road
Reading, PA  19609-1718

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I may be missing something here, but can I assume that WISP is unable to
do any CAT control of a rig, for example the Kenwood TS811? I notice
that all references to ports and rig frequency control appears to be under
the rotator box.

I have a KC Tracker without the radio portions. I suppose I could eventually
upgrade the KC Tracker to support the radio tuning, but I haven't the time.
I was hoping that the KC Tracker would move the antennas as it does
now and that WISP could do the doppler adjustments via a selected
serial port. It appears that this is not possible. Am I correct in this

Reid Bristor
Bristor Associates
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Phone:	(321) 254-1265
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