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Re: Troubleshooting the bird

At 07:26 PM 12/19/2000 , you wrote:
>Since the description of  "command assist" from the command team includes
>"transmitters" it may very well do just that.  It could be that the spacecraft
>transmitted on a frequency that no one was listening to.

ALL first line command stations should be monitoring ALL receive bands that 
the bird is capable of transmitting on ... and doing so on all bands at the 
same time. How could you be a command station if you could not communicate 
with the sat?   Now alternate/backup stations might only have limited 
capabilities, since we are amateurs. But the front line stations I assume 
are listening to ALL the bands right now. At least that would be a minimum 
requirement if I were to select key ground control stations. The other 
requirement of course is the ability to monitor 24 hrs a day and record all 
signals received for future interpretation.


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