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Hello List,

Since we seem to talking orbits ... put this one in and have a look.

1 22654U 93 31  B 93217.89442270 -.00000049  00000-0  99999 4 0  4116
2 22654   1.1889 123.9544 2934874 147.0825 232.2329  1.42202836  1282

Now THAT was an orbit !!

Long passes.
Repeating every day but gradually shifting around the equator.
Equal coverage of both hemispheres allowing good north/south DX-ing.
(something which seems to be missing from calculations these days)
Far enough out ... even at perigee to give wide coverage.

Arsene was launched in 1993. It had an "S" band transponder which
unfortunately failed after a short period. What a pity. I venture to say it
would have done heaps for "S" mode operations in those days. In my humble
opinion it would have gone on to become the 'satellite-of-choice' for many
operators and had an influence on all AMSAT orbit proposals from then on. I
can remember the "S" band beacon being 7 's' units above my noise floor.
Again ... what a pity.

Keep smilin'

Milawa, Australia.

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