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Re: Troubleshooting the bird

I think that the rules for transmitters cover this.  If the spacecraft 
cannot receive commands, it is not a good idea for it to continually 
transmit a meesage.  Unless I have missed something, all transmitters must 
be under positive control (ie be controllable to the off position within a 
certain amount of time).  If it cannot hear control signals, it must 
failsafe to off, not beaconing until spacecraft destruction, possibly 20 
years down the line.


At 06:47 PM 12/19/00 -0500, sco@sco-inc.com wrote:

I would think that a good system would try to re-establish contact with 
ground control if after X days no contact had been received. In other 
words, why have a system that just waits for input? Why not have the system 
attempt to transmit coded requests to ground control to re-establish 
control and act in a proactive manner? The beacon would be saying ... "Here 
I am, I have not heard from you, where are you? ... PLEASE CALL" That way 
ground stations would know that the sat had lost contact with the ground 
and start reset actions.


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