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Re: opensource satellites

Jamie Morken wrote:
 > Hi all,
 > The opensource model is proven to work with software better than commercial
 > models, also I don't think that there would be a flood of people giving
 > their ideas of what is right/wrong with the design.  With opensource
 > software the developers know what they are doing and I don't see why this
 > would be any different with an opensource satellite.
 > Good point about the security codes though :)

I believe a graduate level EE course at Stanford built a couple satellites
using a sort of collaborative process.  From what I remember seeing on
their website, they assigned tasks to various students,
who then put the whole thing together as a class project.  

Maybe some kind of similar project where different bits would be contributed
by EE students at various colleges, and by some interested third parties
would be a way to do this kind of thing.  I'd think it'd be better to have
the backing of a university or something, to give the project some credibility
for weaseling up test equipment and things.  

I'm just curious, for a small, non-toy satellite, how many engineers does it typically
take to go from start to finish?

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