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Re: Troubleshooting the bird

At 04:58 PM 12/19/2000 , you wrote:
>The statements about the "command asssist" mode make it quite clear that this
>cycles through various combinations of antennas, transmitters and receivers.
>That's why the command team tried sending "blind" commands.  Since they 
>don't know
>if the spacecraft heard one without responding it's necessary to wait 
>another ten
>orbit period to see if the software reset will work and then see if a blind
>command will be recognized.

I would think that a good system would try to re-establish contact with 
ground control if after X days no contact had been received. In other 
words, why have a system that just waits for input? Why not have the system 
attempt to transmit coded requests to ground control to re-establish 
control and act in a proactive manner? The beacon would be saying ... "Here 
I am, I have not heard from you, where are you? ... PLEASE CALL" That way 
ground stations would know that the sat had lost contact with the ground 
and start reset actions.


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