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Re: opensource satellites

Jeff Francis <jfrancis@frii.com> wrote:

>So just out of curiosity, what's a Pegasus launch cost?
>Obviously, there's a zillion factors to take into account
>that would affect the price, but what's an order of magni-
>tude type number?  Anybody?

>From the same reference: $US 20000 per kilo. 1992 dollars,
1992 prices, but the order of magnitude should still be
right. When people ask me (since I have a reputation of
being a space nut who knows these things) I usually quote
$US 10000 per kilo, which is about the going Shuttle rate.

Seriously, if you are at all interested in such things,
you should invest in some of the standard references.
Space Mission Analysis and Design (bibliographic details
at http://www.qsl.net/ve7ldh/reading.html) is not cheap,
but it's money well spent. I bought my copy from
amazon.com. YMMV.

Yes, it *is* rocket science. But this is AMSAT, and
that's exactly what we do.

The most cursory search (or even a wild guess, which is
what I did) would provide the URL for Orbital as

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