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RE: Amateur radio module on commercial Geo Sat?

> that may be true, but I for one would love to have a sat 
> always over the 
> USA. It would be like one big repeater for the whole country. 
> It would be 

The US isn't the world, and a bird over the US wouldn't be of any interest
to us down here.  Try working a bird that's 20 degrees below your local
horizon one day.  This sort of attitude is not good for international
relations, and reinforces negative stereotypes that some people down here
have about Americans. :-(  

> great. Bet it would be less expensive to build then P3D?
> Why not have both types of sats?

Well, if the geosynch idea is to float, it would need 3 birds, so they'd
have to be cheap on an individual basis, and even then, I suspect we'd have
to dig deep to make it happen.
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