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Re: Troubleshooting the bird

Laura Jolley wrote:

> If it is recieving commands but not acting on them (and that seems to be the
> case) then that points to a serious computer problem.  So one would wonder
> why one would expect a serious computer problem to reset itself.

One possibility is that it *is* receiving some commands and acting on them but
the action is not visible from the ground for some reason. I would think that a
hard reset would cause the loss of whatever information may currently be in
mamory, including perhaps some clues as to why the poop hit the fan in the first

I can imagine waiting a bit to see if some clues can be gleaned from the memory
currently in the bird somehow, without wiping everything out and having the same
problem happen again later. If it's at all possible to find the cause of the
first failure and remediate that somehow, that would be a lot better than just
rebooting and hoping it doesn't happen again. 

That's why command-assist would be better than starting over.

How about an analogy from a more fmailar world?

Imagine your PC's display goes blank. Did a program clear the screen? Did a
rogue screen saver kick in? Is the monitor dead? Is the video card or PC itself
now dead? We've been wiggling the mouse and tapping the shift key for ten
minutes, so it's prolly not the screen saver. Maybe if we wait for the screen
saver to kick in, the display will wake up again. But we don't know quite when
the screen saver will kick in, because we don't know exactly how long it's been
the last time the PC noticed us moving the mouse and tapping the shift key.

Hiting the power switch now is probably not the immediate next thing we should
do, (no matter how comforting it would be to have that PSK400 signal again. :-))

Even if it does get us the display back on again, we won't know why the thing
died on us in the first place. There may be an error message on the screem we
can't see right now...

 73 de Maggie KB3DXS 

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