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Re: !!! KEEP CLEAR !!! Ao40 beacon....Ao10 QRM !

Hi Mike,
You can be sure: using here some different DSP`s
like MOTOROLA ect...used EME-DSP-FFT too...
something detected could be sourced from AO40...
not sure...next moment of observing all will be
destroyed by the strong QRM....Ohhh,what a ignorance...
and lost of ham-spirit all over the world...
But thanks for your message,have Merry Christmas...
Think I should take it easy....It is and further will be a stupid world.

73,Jens./HB9JOI / (DL9FAA)
AMSAT-DL.#9802268 / AMSAT-NA.#33392

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> In a message dated 12/19/2000 8:51:25 AM Eastern Standard Time,
> jspiess@dplanet.ch writes:
> >  AROUND 145.900 +/- 10 Kc !!
> >
> >  It is real impossible to analyse something could be
> >  sourced from Ao40.  !!!!!
> Hi Jens,
> I think we're going to find it quite difficult to have everyone avoid this
> portion of the AO-10 transponder. Operators are so used to working there.
> also think that quite a few may not be on the BB here, so they don't see
> messages.
> Like you I monitor a lot. Have you tried using an audio Spectrum Analyzer?
> This is how I'm able to monitor even with QRM. I'm using Spectrogram ver
> 5.1.6a written by Richard Horne. It's available at:
> www.monumental.com/rshorne/gram.html
> It's a free download and small ~256K. Works with a soundcard. As well as
> being able to see really weak carriers even in the face of heavy QRM, I
> use it to check for doppler shift of the signal I'm tracking. Obviously if
> the signal doesn't doppler shift, it's not moving and is not what we're
> looking for.
> While I have yet to find AO-40, with all this monitoring I'm doing I have
> been able to find numerous neighborhood scanners (beeps and chirps), lots
> steady carriers with no doppler (spurs in my rig or signals from the
> 100megabit ethernet network in my house!) and finally, pulsing data
> that turned out to be new transmitters installed by the local water
> to monitor their tanks.
> These signal were the most interesting to find. I heard them on 145.8575.
> When I would switch in my mast mount preamp they would go away. This was
> clue I needed in my search! I use SSB preamps with band pass helical front
> end filtering. When the signal disappeared when I switched the preamp in,
> knew it was outside the 2 meter band. It turned out to be at 173.2375. How
> did I hear it on 145.8575? The FT-736R uses a 13.69 IF. 173.2375 minus 2
> times 13.69 = 145.8575. Problem solved.
> Good luck in the search and Happy Holidays.
> 73,
> Mike, N1JEZ
> AMSAT #29649
> Local Area Coordinator
> "A closed mouth gathers no feet."

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