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Re: Amateur radio module on commercial Geo Sat?

At 09:16 AM 12/19/2000 , you wrote:
>on 12/19/00 7:57 AM, Dale Coleman at kf4sir@earthlink.net wrote:
> > Hi all, I have been curious about the possibility of installing a amateur
> > radio module on a commercial satellite that would be launched into a
> > geosynchronous orbit.
>The philosophy has been not to do this because then only the part of the
>world covered by that geosynchronous satellite would ever be able to use it.
>Part of the way funding was done for AO-40 was that it got worldwide
>participation because it will be accessible around the world.  If we have a
>geo-synch bird that sits up there and covers just the the western hemisphere
>or just the US, Europe, S. America and part of Africa, we alienate those not

that may be true, but I for one would love to have a sat always over the 
USA. It would be like one big repeater for the whole country. It would be 
great. Bet it would be less expensive to build then P3D?

Why not have both types of sats?


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