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Re: Amateur radio module on commercial Geo Sat?

I always thought this would be a great idea.  This way, you eliminate
80% of the work and risk. These things can come for free:

1: Power
2: Attitude control

Of course, you need someone to do you a BIG favor...
But modern TV sats seem to have kilowatt power budgets,
so it would not be impossible for them to spare 1% of that
for a ham transponder.

Also, you have extra work to convince tour hosts that your
transmitter will not interfere with their receivers.

BTW, the RS-12/13 series sats were done this way.

Another wild thought:  How about piggybacking on a GPS satellite?
You get a high orbit with a wide variety of footprints...

Doug Braun

At 08:57 AM 12/19/00 , you wrote:
>Hi all, I have been curious about the possibility of installing a amateur
>radio module on a commercial satellite that would be launched into a
>geosynchronous orbit.
>This would seem to make sense - lease or buy space on a larger commercial
>satellite instead of trying to develop one.
>Perhaps the amateur radio community could offer the owners of the
>commercial satellite some excellent public relations potential by allowing
>schools to use the module for science projects Ect.
>Just curious and dreaming while waiting for AO-40 to say Hi again.
>Dale KF4SIR
>Dale Coleman
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Via the amsat-bb mailing list at AMSAT.ORG courtesy of AMSAT-NA.
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