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You are AMSAT

Keith Baker remarked at the 1985 AMSAT conference in Orlando that AMSAT 
is its members.

A number of comments have been voiced, "why does not AMSAT ...."  "AMSAT 
should never have .."

John Giannotti and Charlie Sufana are working and colunteering their 
time over the past few weeks to setup today's contact chat between the 
astronauts on Space Station Alpha and studentsat Burbank School in the 
Chicago area.
Some AMSAT members contribute time, other knowledge, and others just 
dollars to pay the bills.

To John, Charlie and the many other amateurs who have contributed and 
worked on this project, "You are AMSAT, Thank you !

A "Live Audio" feed over the Internet is scheudled to be available via 
MSNBC web site today (19th December) at 3:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time 
(20:59 UT).  Consult the MSNBC web site


for further information on this event.

G. Beat

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