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Re: An Open Letter To AMSAT

>Rocket rides typically have known stress values.  P3D went though all sorts
>of shake and stress tests during the integration and testing phase of the
>last couple of years.  I believe the ride was as planned.
>If anything that caused the motor valve to stick, it's age.  Look at all the
>problems NASA has had with antennas, solar panels, etc. that sit unused for
>too long a period of time during mission delays, etc.  Yes, the engines have
>been tested and that's the troublesome part.  But these things are designed
>to be used.

so why not use the alternate fuel valve if the primary is sticking?  I bet 
you say there was no backup valve. Maybe when we plan our next sat [no 
matter what or when that is] that is something that should be addressed. We 
can afford to lose one of the transmitters but if we only have one fuel 
valve I would say that was "mission critical" and needs to be fixed for 
future flights.


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