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Re: amsat-dl statement

Hello Margaret!

18 Dec 00 09:29, you wrote to Stacey E. Mills, M.D.:

 MD> The IRC channel has been a meeting of some pretty amazing minds. A lot
 MD> of information has been exchanged, many folks have had the opportunity
 MD> to learn new weak-signal techniques, and, quite often (since their
 MD> stations were tweaked up and rotors running) some of us have nicked
 MD> off for a sat QSO they might not have otherwise made time for. I've
 MD> heard several folks comment that they've been more active on the birds
 MD> during this "crisis", and I myself managed my first AO-10 QSO (Hi
 MD> AC4G, if you're out there!).

Been a lot of good ground covered on IRC.  Also, we have made it more
"friendly", with our own brief news service, Keplerian element updates and
more! :)

 MD> Thanks are due to Bruce KK5DO for serving as NCS for that arena.
 MD> (server irc.chatnet.org channel #amsat, for those who missed it).
 MD> Maybe in a few years we'll have a chat server hosted on board Oscar
 MD> 40...:-)

That could be fun. :-)

As for AMSAT support, what's the best route for us VKs to send something?
Always seem to be a little in the dark down here. :(

Tony, VK3JED

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