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Re: My 2 Cents!

 Bob, AC9R wrote:-

 > I have been a member of AMSAT for about 25 years!  AMSAT # 2001. I have
 > financially contributed to AMSAT on a regular basis.  I have made
 > contributions to AMSAT specifically for P3D and have made a significant
 > contribution to AMSAT-UK for P3D.

 > Roy, I agree with you about the delete button starting to wear out. I
> frequently use mine to  "dump" all of the "johnny come lately's" and all
> of
> the "plug and play" Monday morning quarterbacks that think they are the
> experts.

 Bob, I understand your frustrations, and I have only been into satellites
for some 7 years nothing like your 25, but perhaps these "johnny come
latelys' " should be encouraged rather than dismissed as troublesome
individuals. With help and guidence from a 25 year expert they may follow
your example and one day claim to be a member of Amsat for 25 years. I once
read an article by James Miller saying that there did not appear to be many
amateurs with the interest or knowledge to take leadership roles in future.
Maybe one of these "johnny come latelys' " could be the next James Miller.

 I for one take a lot of interest in all the emails on amsat-bb, surely it
supposed to be a round table think tank, sure dismiss those ideas that you
know are way out, but take the time to give a consructive answer so they too
may learn from your experience.

 Lets hope that AO-40 makes a quick recovery and that we all may learn
something from this experience. My thanks to the Amsat team for all your

 Regards to all...


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