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Re: opensource satellites

Hi all,

The opensource model is proven to work with software better than commercial
models, also I don't think that there would be a flood of people giving
their ideas of what is right/wrong with the design.  With opensource
software the developers know what they are doing and I don't see why this
would be any different with an opensource satellite.

Good point about the security codes though :)

best regards,
Jamie Morken

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> on 12/18/00 10:33 PM, Jamie Morken at jmorken@home.com wrote:
> > Has anyone contemplated making amateur satellite designs like P3D
> > "opensource"?  Then at least software
> > errors may be detected better since more people would review the
> > It would also be neat to see how
> > exactly a sophisticated piece of machinery like this is constructed!
> The last thing that is needed is an open source satellite with 500 people
> all giving their ideas on what needs to be fixed.  Let alone the security
> problem of everyone now knowing the command codes.
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