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Re: An Open Letter To AMSAT

Laura Jolley wrote:

> You clearly have sometime of relationship with flying so you must know that
> the key to good flying is to know exactly how much time you have to deal
> with a problem. 

Yes...and also to understand whose roles are whose. With a serious issue in the
middle of being worked it's not the time to crank in new team members who will
add to the communications burden. 

Yes, I do have some aviation experience--private pilot, single engine land, 300
hrs pilot time (not that many but my flight time is self-funded) and currently
in training for instrument and commercial ratings. Professionally I'm a software
engineer with background in datacomm and complex systems environments, and a
long-time astronautics enthusiast. 

None of which qualifies me to second guess the AMSAT command team, made up of
some of the most experienced satellite people we have in the amateur community.
The Phase 3 program has been underway for almost three decades now, and we're
privileged to "see futher than others because we stand on the shoulders of

> (how would one panic here:?).

Uh...have you been reading the traffic on this list? 

> The command teams can (and probably  should) completly ignore the comments 
> from this board....

Why? They got here first. The attaboys you dismissed as quaint are probably the
biggest sources of satisfaction they will have for their well-done jobs. Should
they now suddenly not care what's said out here, even though the worst of it is
mostly coming from a bunch of post-launch arrivistes? 

> ... the proper key to
> leadership in a CRM environment is making sure that the "crew" 
> and the 'effected ones' have as much information as possible to understand 
> as much of the situation as possible so they can 1) contribute if necessary > and helpful and 2) wont panic

Most of us here on the list are not crew...and will be in the category of
"affected ones" if/when the bird is comissioned. Right now we're in flight test,
so those not on the command team might be properly categorized as "spectators".

That phrase "as much information as possible" puts me in mind of one of my
favorite Einsten quotes:

 "Things should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler."

So yes, we should have as much information as possible. But no more than that.

 73 de Maggie KB3DXS

PS: hey, folks from the IRC channel who stood the "death watch" on Saturday? I
just realized that was Wright Brother's Day. Well done. "They also serve..."  

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