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What to do IF we regain control of AO-40

 From what I have been reading it seems that the motor has a control 
problem. If that problem is not a "self healing" problem [fuel valve] then 
we need to know what would be the final effect if we decided to use the 
motor again [to try achieving final planned orbit].

If we regain control of AO-40 ... and
If we can start the motor again ... it is highly unlikely that we could 
control the length of a second burn [because of the failure of the first 
burn]. If we could not stop a second burn and the motor ran until all fuel 
was gone, what would that do to AO-40?  What kind of an orbit might it end 
up in or would it be on its way out of our solar system?

Do we instead just look at using it where it is now and not take a chance 
on losing it again?  What kind of a footprint would we have where it is 
now?  How long would it be visible, etc? These are questions which must be 
examined in light of the present problem [faulty fuel valve].


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