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Re: An Open Letter To AMSAT

>From: "Margaret Leber (KB3DXS)" <maggie@voicenet.com>

>In that case you've probably heard the old aviation saying: "If you are in 
>hurry you are in danger." :-)

You clearly have sometime of relationship with flying so you must know that 
the key to good flying is to know exactly how much time you have to deal 
with a problem.  Take a moment to long and your problem solving is 
useless...take to short a time adn you might not consider all the 
information (Robert flies the fast movers...but headed for the airlines and 
Laura already flies the big Boeing).

>It's actually more like good Crew Resource Management. Increasing the noise
>level with a lot of uninformed suggestions and criticism inflight is not
>helpful, nor does the flight crew really have the time or energy for a 
>announcement every five minutes...nor will they be calling back to the pax 
>suggestions on how to fly the approach.<<

Crew REsource Management...a good philosophy as long as its understood for 
what it is and how it is applicable.

What noise level increase is going on here?  This is a BBS which is a place 
for discussion among various groups.  The command teams can (and probably 
should) completly ignore the comments from this board....the data might be 
useful but the comments strike me as simply people musing.  Now there is a 
difference between dealing with a passenger who is spreading fear and panic 
and well some discussion here (how would one panic here:?).

Having said that one of the things that one finds in analyzing emergencies 
(and non normals) and also other "tense" situations is the proper key to 
leadership in a CRM environment is making sure that the "crew" and the 
'effected ones' have as much information as possible to understand as much 
of the situation as possible so they can 1) contribute if necessary and 
helpful and 2) wont panic

Now I can see how panic can start in an airplane full of passengers (or a 
combat environment) but how exactly would it start here?  Lets say someguy 
comes on and says "I wonder if AO-40 blew up?" well it took someone here not 
a long time to explain why most didnt think it had blown up AND now the 
NORAD data.  What did they guy do you said "I wonder if it had blown up" to 
panic himself or to "panic" others?  Did anyone go tear their tower down?

I guess in the end I dont see why its not possible to discuss with people in 
a consice way the "odds" of finding the bird and what days are likely 
"bridge crossing days".  I for one will not climb to the top of my 80 footer 
and jump off no matter the answer.

Robert Oler WB5MZO
>That door to the flight deck isn't there just to keep out the hijackers, 
>know. :-)
>   73 de Maggie
>P.S. Do see if you can't get your own email address, won't you? I was 
>disappointed to find out there wasn't finally a woman here on the list 
>Laura and me.
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