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Re: AO-40 in one piece

>  > I wasn't aware however, that we had friends at NORAD...  Pretty cool
>>  information to know.
>I would have thought that it is in NORAD's interest to keep an eye out for
>any unpredictable happenings up there rather than a case of having friends
>in NORAD.. (which there probably are anyway... )
>John, G1YYH

If it's in orbit, NORAD wants to know about it.  They track and 
catalog objects as small as a machine screw, because at the relative 
velocities objects have up there, a screw or washer in the wrong 
place can go through a spacecraft like a round from a howitzer 
(Shuttles have come back with chips in the windshield from paint 
flakes!)  NASA tracks objects almost that small for much the same 

I'm sure we do have friends over there though .. ;-)

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