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Re: An Open Letter To AMSAT

Laura Jolley wrote:

> I am a test pilot trained by a major military service (grin) and
> occassionally get called upon to help in the investigation of major (read
> commercial) airline accidents....

In that case you've probably heard the old aviation saying: "If you are in a
hurry you are in danger." :-)  

> Having said that I always find undying messages of support "we love you 
> Cowboys" a little somewhat homey actually and somewhat forced...

These people are volunteers, and probably under incredible stress right now. I
don't think a reminder that there are people here that are supportive of their
efforts and confident in their ability (rather than throwing around a lot of
criticisim citing the authority of backgrounds of dubious relevance to the task
at hand) is "homey", or otherwise sentimental. 

It's actually more like good Crew Resource Management. Increasing the noise
level with a lot of uninformed suggestions and criticism inflight is not
helpful, nor does the flight crew really have the time or energy for a cabin
announcement every five minutes...nor will they be calling back to the pax for
suggestions on how to fly the approach. 

That door to the flight deck isn't there just to keep out the hijackers, you
know. :-)   

  73 de Maggie

P.S. Do see if you can't get your own email address, won't you? I was really
disappointed to find out there wasn't finally a woman here on the list beside
Laura and me.

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