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Thank You

I wish to thank the numerous people involved with the development,
manufacturing and support of AO-40.  Starting with many designers and
builders of the hardware, such as the people making the transmitters and
receivers, along with the scope camera and IHU / RUDAK units.  The people in
machine shops making items such as the heat pipe clamps and battery
hold-downs.  The builders in Florida, who at times spent 18 hour days at the
facility working on P3D.  They are so many builders around the world, who
worked on this project on their own time and at their own expense, not to
mention the travel to meetings and the like, I canít fit them all in this
message.  But I canít forget to mention the support people.  People like
Martha, in Amsatís office, and Bill Tynan, Keith Baker, Robin Haighton along
with Tom Clark, Dick Daniels, Stan Wood, Ken Ernandes, and I could keep on
going.  Also I canít forget the people who hit the hamfest, and club
meetings asking for those donations, Barry Baines and the Area Coordinators,
along with so many others.  And finally the command stations, with special
mention to North Americas command station Stacey Mills, M.D. (I will use his
professional title he worked so hard for).  Stacey is a medical doctor who
took it upon himself to study rocket science for love of the hobby.  He did
such a fine job of learning the science; he was made a command station.
This satellite is not about hardware and software; itís about people helping
people.  So many people from all walks of life, coming together, not for
money, this is a hobby they donít get paid.  So I give you, all of you, a
John, KE3SU

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