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Re: AO-40 in one piece *REVISED*

"Diggs, Steve" wrote:
> Not meaning to pick nits, (meaning to haggle over small points), but while
> everything you say about AO-40's orbit is correct, in fact AO-40 was not in
> its orbit *WHEN* it was predicted to be. The satellite is approximately 2
> 1/2 hours ahead of its schedule as predicted by the Orbit #51 elements.
> Essentially, that had all of us pointing our antennas in the wrong
> direction, and listening at the wrong times.

This may be true for AOS and LOS, but the apogee should not be a big
difference in this kind of 19 hour orbit.

We also expect more accurate KEPs soon, but basically the spacecraft
orbit is OK and it did not changed. 

Anyway, good to know that AO40 is not on its way to Mars.

Keep your finger crossed

73s Peter DB2OS

BTW: Many thanks to all who sent me so kind and encouraging messages.

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