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Re: Satellite tracking online by Internet?

Reinhard (DJ1KM), Reinricht@aol.com wrote:
> I  remember to have read on this reflector about online tracking
> sites, but have not made a note of it. Can anybody tell me where
> to find such?

Another source is via email.

Send a message to igor@highrf.com
Subject = your callsign
Body of message = commands you want his site to process and email
  the results to your inbasket.

  satellite list   -- lists the satellites included in his predictor
  satellite <name> -- lists info on that particular satellite, e.g.
  satellite fo29   -- lists info on FO-29
  predict <satname> <city> <timezone> <number of days>, e.g.
  predict ao27 minneapolis CST 5 -- prints a pass prediction for AO-27
                                    for Minneapolis, Central Standard
                                    Time zone, 5 days long.
  commands         -- lists the valid commands and their syntax.

I don't know if it supports arbitrary time zones other than the four
major USA time zones, but UTC is another option that can be applied

Likewise, I am not sure of the extent of support for cities outside of
the USA, but a little bit of experimentation should tell the tale.

Good luck,
John (KB0ZEV)
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