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Question about liability:

Hello everyone:

    I got into a conversation with a ham friend of mine concerning the loss
of contact on AO-40.
We got into all kinds of possibilities of what could have gone wrong, most
of which have been
discussed on this BB including a few that has not been mentioned. But there
was one topic that we discussed that caught my attention. This is a legal
question so if there
is a ham out there that is a lawyer by profession, you might want to look at
this one.
    I am sure this is NOT what happened to AO-40, this is just one of those
stupid "what if"
questions that just might happen down the road to anyone with all the
satellites orbiting around
up there and adding to it. Here it goes:
    If one of our satellites got into an unplanned orbit and ends up
slamming into
a satellite such as one of those geosationary ones, let's say a pay TV
satellite, taking
it out of commission, would AMSAT and WE as paying AMSAT members be liable
for the loss of that
satellite, including the revenue it could have generated during its possible
I am sure the odds are so tiny for any satellite that its hardly worth
mentioning but the
possibilities are still there, not to mention trying to prove an event like
this in a court of law.

This is just a question, NOT what could have happened.

Good luck AO-40 Command Team in bringing that baby back to life!

Tom / N7HXP
Flame suit on with body armor, required for posting.

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