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Re: An Open Letter To AMSAT

>I think this information age in which we live has spoiled us all into
>believing that we should somehow have a serial port connected to our bodies
>so that there is a constant flow of information! MSNBC and Fox News may be

Those of you who remember the launch of AO-10 know that for a few days
we thought our spacecraft might have been lost. We didn't know why;
Arianespace wouldn't tell us for another month about the
post-separation collision with the launcher.

Yet during this time there was a fairly steady flow of what
information we did know.  I was at one of the command stations (W1HDX)
and as long as I was there I kept up a running technical commentary on
USENET's ham-radio newsgroup. I obviously had a smaller audience than
the Web and the amsat-bb list have today, and many AMSAT members
didn't have access to USENET. But I thought it important nonetheless
to inform as many people as possible by whatever means were available.

Sure, much of the information we had was tentative. Some of it was
even speculative. But we carefully labeled it as such and allowed
people to make their own conclusions.

I like to think that that helped.


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