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My 2 Cents!

I have been a member of AMSAT for about 25 years!  AMSAT # 2001. I have
financially contributed to AMSAT on a regular basis.  I have made
contributions to AMSAT specifically for P3D and have made a significant
contribution to AMSAT-UK for P3D.

I don't need a Public Information Service telling me anything about the
status of AO-40.  What I need to know, I will receive directly from AMSAT,
when in the opinion of AMSAT, they need to tell me.

For 25 years I have been very pleased with the management of AMSAT and
continue to be very satisfied with the tremendous effort they have made and
will continue to make.  For those of us who have patiently waited the last
10 years for the launch of P3D a few more days or weeks won't make any
difference at all.  I cannot express in words the tremendous respect and
admiration I have for all of the "TEAM" at AMSAT that designed, built,
launched and are now commanding AO-40.

Roy, I agree with you about the delete button starting to wear out. I have
frequently use mine to  "dump" all of the "johnny come lately's" and all of
the "plug and play" Monday morning quarterbacks that think they are the

Today I will contact "Jack in the Box" to see if they can give me the name
of their vendor for the "Military Grade Titanium"  99cent cash register keys
they have, and see if they make them in "delete" also.

AC9R, Bob

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