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Re: An Open Letter To AMSAT

Richard and Friends.

I think this information age in which we live has spoiled us all into
believing that we should somehow have a serial port connected to our bodies
so that there is a constant flow of information! MSNBC and Fox News may be
able to turn a boring story into a 24 hour a day news "event", but not so in
the hobby world of ham radio. I suppose we could ask Warren Christopher or
James Baker to "handle" the event but watch out for the lawyers! :-)

There has been *no lack* of information. All of the pertinent details have
been relayed in no less than three AMSAT bulletins, a Newsline report, two
W1AW bulletins, and three emails from Peter Guelzow, DB2OS to this list. We
have received *all* the information that they know right now. Anything else
would be speculation--and there has been *no* lack of pure speculation
(mixed with a large dose of finger pointing) on this board.

Do you want to know what the ground controllers are having for lunch today?

P3D has been launched. It was moved to a higher (60,000km apogee) orbit than
planned by a propulsion system problem. 24 hours later the telemetry beacon
shutdown. It is possible that one or both of the IHU's crashed. There is an
auto-reboot process that could take place anytime during the next 7-10 days;
if it does not, ground controllers could upload a command to do a hard
restart BUT they'd prefer to wait a few days before doing that.

That is all the information that there is ... oh yeah, Guelzow had an egg
salad sandwich for lunch today. Feel better?

73 de Jeff, N9AVG
AMSAT #28350

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> I am relatively new to satellites but not at all new to information
> services. I presently own a company that among other things provides press
> releases and news information strategy and have done this for 22 years. I
> feel AMSAT is making a serious mistake by not putting some of their
> resources in an ongoing information service related to AO-40. P3D is the
> most ambitious and costly effort produced by AMSAT and as such represents
> the flagship for future investments in armature satellite technology from
> outside donations. To date there has been a considerable lack of
> information both while the satellite was healthy and at present when it's
> fate is unknown. I realize that the technical staff is composed of

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