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Re: Cool it!

Roy Welch wrote:

> We have heard the screaming and shouting.  Now I hope they silently run
> in
> circles for a while.  My delete key is wearing out.

Lately I have found the shift click or click and drag techniuqe most
valuable in reducing the wear and tear on the delete key.  Indeed with
modern GUIs it is possible to efficiently remove vast quantities of chaff
with a few mouse clicks, thus preserving the keyboard for more appropriate
and productive uses.

I find such techniques also eliminate repetitive stress injuries often
associated with such mechanical / human interface issues.

I think you will also find a great deal of satisfaction once you get the
hang of it... A pavlovian reaction not unlike high pressure washers in the
boating trade, blasting the stinky smelly stuff off the bottom of a boat.


Many thanks to the control team, Peter. G,  Stacey M. and everyone working
to bring AO-40 on line.  Best of luck to you all.  I know what you are going
through on a systems level... Keep your eyes on the prize...

Whatever you do DON'T RUSH!  When people get rushed, things get
"Challengered"!  Stay cool and take your time!  Do the best you can.

As soon as my budget allows I will make another contribution to AMSAT, seems
to be the best way for me to help.

Keep Swinging!

Bronson Crothers
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University of Maine
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