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Re: amsat-dl statement

"Stacey E. Mills, M.D." wrote:

> I was going to post a detailed reply message, but Peter has perfectly
> summarized the situation...


To you, Peter and the other members of the team: thanks for the first class job
you all are doing. We really do appreciate the what-when-why explanations of the
spacecraft systems; it makes the waiting more mentally productive and *much*
less anxiety-prone.  The latest AMSAT Journal is a fantastic resource too.   

Let's all remember that for every loud-mouthed Monday-morning quarterback and
sudden self-proclaimed "expert" who has popped up here in the last few days full
of half-informed advice and uninformed criticism, there are dozens of others
who--having no positive contribution to make here immediately--chose to wait
quietly and not play flamewar on the reflector, or have joined the monitoring
effort and discussion on Internet Relay Chat (IRC).

The IRC channel has been a meeting of some pretty amazing minds. A lot of
information has been exchanged, many folks have had the opportunity to learn new
weak-signal techniques, and, quite often (since their stations were tweaked up
and rotors running) some of us have nicked off for a sat QSO they might not have
otherwise made time for. I've heard several folks comment that they've been more
active on the birds during this "crisis", and I myself managed my first AO-10
QSO (Hi AC4G, if you're out there!). 

Thanks are due to Bruce KK5DO for serving as NCS for that arena. (server
irc.chatnet.org channel #amsat, for those who missed it). Maybe in a few years
we'll have a chat server hosted on board Oscar 40...:-) 

> Regardless of the outcome with AO-40, AMSAT needs, and I believe deserves,
> your continued support, now more than ever.

Well-said. I'll be calling Martha with my own little solstice gift to the cause

 73, thanks again, and "illegitmetti non carborundum"

 Maggie KB3DXS  

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