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An Open Letter To AMSAT

I am relatively new to satellites but not at all new to information
services. I presently own a company that among other things provides press
releases and news information strategy and have done this for 22 years. I
feel AMSAT is making a serious mistake by not putting some of their
resources in an ongoing information service related to AO-40. P3D is the
most ambitious and costly effort produced by AMSAT and as such represents
the flagship for future investments in armature satellite technology from
outside donations. To date there has been a considerable lack of
information both while the satellite was healthy and at present when it's
fate is unknown. I realize that the technical staff is composed of
volunteers that do not have time to develop and distribute long press
releases to the membership and the world in general but I also realize from
a fiscal standpoint the need for this information is vital. As an AMSAT
member I would have liked to be informed of much more about the goings on
involving the commissioning of AO-40 than I was. The warm and fuzzy feeling
that this type of communication on the part of AMSAT would have produced
would have made it a lot easier for them to access my checkbook  for the
next project. As an outsider looking in on this great experiment a
blow-by-blow of the progress being done by the ground crew and it's effect
on AO-40 would have drawn me into the project and made my ultimate
membership and donation to AMSAT a much greater possibility. When it seemed
like things were starting to go south with AO-40 giving me the feeling that
I was looking over the shoulder of the ground control crew would have
allowed me a level of participation that if there was sunshine at the end
of the tunnel my checkbook would have overflowed for the next project and
if there was an unhappy ending than damnit we were all in that control room
together and lets cough up the money to make the next one work!

This is not fiction, this is how information services work to help
organizations deal with fiscal needs, member loyalty and disaster. I can
tell you from personal experience the press guy is looked on as a pain in
the ass but if he does his job right than it's a worthwhile pain. I am sure
that with the resources available to AMSAT and the instant communications
of radio and the internet such an information service could be instituted
and the benefits would be great.

Would it be easy... maybe not

would it be worthwhile... absolutely!

After all I have always looked at armature radio as not just being about
technology but the use of technology in the pursuit of *communication*

Richard Lubash

Richard Lubash

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