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My thoughts on the >100 e-mail, today

I've been reading for over two hours now, its > 1:00 am and I have to go to
work at 8:00.

So I have picked thru the mail and gleaned some thoughts from it.  Excuse
me if I have duplicated someone else's e-mail.

First, it should be clear that much can yet be tried for recovery of AO-40.
 Many of you are just beating yourself up with this negativism.  Thanks to
Peter for the few facts that point this out.

It becomes clear to me that many of you do not do this for a living.  By
that, I mean design communications equipment or maintain it.
Troubleshooting remote equipment is very difficult if you are not sure what
went wrong [it just quits] and you don't know what frequency it is on or
where it is.  These are all uncertainty parameters at work here.
Troubleshooting remote equipment can't be done by touching, looking and
sniffing [a little joke, but much initial electronic repair is approached
just that way].  A remote system must be tested through logical process of
thought [and to start, you really need to know how it is supposed to
work...in detail].  Regarding AO-40, I would guess that leaves out the
majority on this list [including me].

So hang in there..."the fat lady ain't singing yet"...but she may be
looking over the music score!

For the future:  Well, AO-40 was a huge leap from AO-13.  Maybe a bit too
much, too big, too complex, and too expensive.  No I'm not advocating more
Leo's [though they have their use].  It is my understanding that there is a
second P3D, though probably not complete.  But my opinion is that if it
must be used, that a couple, three smaller phase-3 satellites be made from
the components, for instance:
1.  An AO-10/13 clone...mode U/V
2.  An mode L/S or U/S + L/S bird
3.  A digital phase-3 bird {freq?...maybe V/U or S/U} 
4.  C/X/K-band components, if they exist, to be saved for future use.
5. Special experiments?

Now even if AO-40 is saved, might this be a good use for the backup bird?
As pointed out, rides on Ariane-5 are few and far between.  Might a ride on
an Ariane-4, or other smaller booster be more available?  If small enough
could we maybe ride up on one of the ISS resupply-crew change flights?  If
not too big that may be even possible.

My wish is that Amsat give a little more info out, even if to say: "we
don't know".  "The troops are restless" ;-)

Good night!

{in case you wondering where I'm coming from: created the fault-isolation
procedures for electronic system on the F-14, 9 years as a NASA engineer,
and over 20 years in the communications business} {No I ain't going to lay
a bunch of letters after my name, OK?}
Finally snowing in Alaska, 6 inches this afternoon, my sled dogs are
grinning...me too!
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