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Re: AO-40 info from AMSAT-UK

>Please note that this is a *software* watchdog. There is no hardware
>watchdog. If the IHU has crashed, than a RESET command can be issued from
>ground. This would be the last resort. It is a very fail-safe system, which
>has been used before on AO-10 and AO-13. However, it was decided to check
>and analyze all other possibilities before issuing such a drastic command.
>There is no need to hurry and we don't want to miss any option...

I may not be an engineer but know that NASA usually has two different 
backup systems to the primary. Am I to assume that we did not even have one 
backup to the software watchdog system, in case of computer failure? If so 
I think we should fix that in any future sats.

Still hoping for good news.


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