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145.898 chirps.

Well, I too have heard those really quick (500ms) sounds coming from the
direction of where ao-40 should be.  So tomorrow from AOS-LOS, I'll run a
science experiment... I'll have two audio streams up and going for anyone
that wants to see if what they heard today is the same thing that I have

Obviously, there will be a delay, but you should be able to cross compare
with my station.

Those streams are...with your player, not browser.

http://audio.highrf.com/live - 16K for faster connections
http://audio.highrf.com/icy_0 - 8K for modem connections

I'll also record the entire pass.  I'm going to leave my station in auto
control, both frequency and antennas so you won't be able to hear and
doppler change (well, actually you will because wisp doesn't handle the
doppler very well on these kinds of orbits).

Drop me a note if this is helpful or not....no more telemetry feeds until
further notice of successful restart.


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