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AO-40 and future sats.

Even if AO-40 doesn't come back-- I've done enough experimenting and 
tinkering with my station and microwave equipment to be happy.
I guess thats why I am not much of a DXer.. I derive my joy in ham radio 
from building the station up.

Anyway.. I have and probably will still disagree with the sat community 
about geosync sats.  If there were a way to put up three small microwave 
sats, and maybe have two or three ground stations cross link all of them 
together, we would have the ultimate setup.. worldwide coverage-- small 
antennas-- no rotors.  The southern hemisphere would not get shafted either 
in that scenario.

Is it possible to put three small sats in a high orbit with a propultion 
system, and keep it light enough to be a cheap launch?
I dunno-- maybe one of the aerospace guys can prove that I'm an idiot.
But from a communications perspective it seems like a good idea.

I'd not completely panic yet.. Remember what was done to DO-17 and
KO-23.. sometimes the herculean efforts of the ground stations can
pay off.  I seem to remember that one of the big EME arrays recovered DO-17 

My only concern really is will the batteries hold out until 21 DEC or
25 DEC?

Fred W0FMS

>From: "Laura Jolley" <jolleybuckaroo@hotmail.com>
>To: jkelly@BellAtlantic.net
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>Subject: [amsat-bb] Re: Having done and participated in a fair number of 
>"complicated" projects...
>Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 01:02:39 -0000
>>You're certainly entitled to your opinions, but don't
>>you think we should have a full understanding as to what
>>happened before we condemn the Phase 3D concept?
>>Jeff Kelly
>Jeff...actually I wasnt ditzing anything especially the design nor the
>concept except as a sort of "big sat" concept (or whats it called in the
>press...The ultimate Easy Sat).
>Look at it another way...say everything had worked just ding ho and all is
>well and we are looking forward to great dx on just about every concievable
>microwave band.
>We start using it a year or two passes and then "bang" something happens 
>that something takes the whole bird off the air.  Now where would we all 
>I've never put much "truck" in the theory that if ham radio (or any
>particular segment of it) were "easy" that the bands would fill up like 
>net" or like CB or like anything else (and that ignores the question of
>would that be a good thing).
>In the end one either likes Ham radio for three reasons...one enjoys the
>"community" of it, one enjoys the technology of it, or one enjoys DX by
>radio.  If one (or more) of those things strikes you then bingo your
>hooked...if it doesnt then it doesnt and your not.
>My take on the sat business (I started with Oscar VI...although I actually
>heard V...and this when I was a "kid") is that what we need is something
>that makes "DX" available with something less then a moonbounce class
>station and on a semi regular basis and then the rest for tech junkies like
>me sort of takes care of itself.
>I have great hopes that AO-40 isnt over the hill (sorry couldnt resist...I
>just turned 40) but in the end if it doesnt then we as a "community" need 
>figure out exactly what we want in the high orbit sat community and
>something tells me that a super bird isnt the way to go...(nor is
>geosynch)...indeed I think 3C had it just about right.
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