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RE: AO-40

>From: "Kevin Muenzler WB5RUE" <wb5rue@arrl.net>
>Reply-To: <wb5rue@arrl.net>
>To: <denmorr@bellsouth.net>, "'Laura Jolley'" <jolleybuckaroo@hotmail.com>, 
>Subject: RE: [amsat-bb] AO-40
>Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2000 18:33:52 -0600
>You'd think he'd at least get my call right.  I'm not trying to create any
>kind of dissension at all.  I'm just letting my frustrations be known.  
>you read the reports?  They put it up with KNOWN problems.  How wise is
>that?  Any R&D or preparation team worth its salt would fix the KNOWN
>problems.  Yes I agree, no hardware is perfect.  I supported this team from
>the beginning with words and cash but it seems that they put something up
>that wasn't ready.  BTW -- congratulations Robert on your pending marriage
>to Laura.  Remember this, her feelings are always more important than 
>Kevin, WB5RUE

The Russians did about the same thing with the service module...it seems to 
be breaking about as fast as they can fix it.

I dont know what "realities" the team was dealing with that are not a matter 
of public record (and doubtless that there are some) that pushed their 
decision making.

All in all it strikes me that the project was to big for the volunteer staff 
that was available....and as I observed over the years kept getting 
"bigger".  In the end if we dont get the bird back we may never really know 
what actually downed it.

I test fly large airplanes for a living and occassionally test someones 
homebuilt.  As long as they stick to the design the manufactor came out with 
its OK but at asome point everyone tries to "personalize" it, and its 
amazing how just the smallest thing can have enormous and unforseable 
consequences...particularly when people start their own levels of 
"automation" of systems.

Well this is essentially a "homebuilt" satellite and an extremly complex one 
so it doesnt strike me as odd that there are "problems".  Your point though 
I think is valid...some of the things that I have read about puzzle me.

But again I just think the main problem is that the bird is to complex for 
the resources that they team had.

Thats not their fault...Robert
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